Team Group Announces T-Force Delta RGB Memory Modules

May 20, 2017

Team Group announced its new T-Force Delta RGB memory modules. These new DDR4 memory modules feature speeds starting at 2,000 MTps, and run all the way up to 3,000 MTps. The T-FORCE DELTA RGB memory kits come in 2 x 4GB and 2 x 8GB module kits and are rated CL 15-17-17-35 latency at 1.2V for the 2,000MHz version and CL16-18-18-38 at 1.35V for the 3,000MHz version. Built-in XMP 2.0 support makes it easy to set them up to run at the correct frequencies and timing.

Now that we have the hardware specs out of the way, let’s talk about what seems to be the company’s main focus today: RGB lighting and custom aluminum alloy heat spreaders. Team Group’s announcement heavily focused on promoting the RGB functionality and heat spreaders that, according to the press release, are thinner and lighter than previous versions and feature an “asymmetric minimalist design.” The heat spreaders are available in both black and white.

The RGB functionality is where things get interesting. Like most RGB lighting, these modules offer full color synchronized lighting effects that can be controlled through software provided by the manufacturer and other third-party apps. Although Team Group lists the T-FORCE DELTA RGB memory kits as compatible with Asus Aura Sync on the product page, there seems to be a catch. The fine print at the bottom of the page states “This product will support Asus Aura Sync; however, it will need future update from Asus to be functional.”

We reached out to Team Group to see if they had an idea when that update for Asus Aura Sync would be available.

The T-Force Delta RGB memory is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Information on pricing and availability was not available at press time.

Product Team Group T-Force Delta RGB
Memory Type DDR4
Memory Series DELTA RGB
Memory Size 2 x 4GB / 2 x 8GB
Tested Speed 2,400MHz / 3,000MHz
Tested Latency 15 -17 -17-35  /   16-18-18-38
Tested Voltage 1.2V  /  1.35V
Memory Configuration Dual / Quad Channel
Heat Spreader Aluminum Alloy
Package Memory


Package Memory Pin 288
Performance Profile XMP 2.0

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