The Most Hilarious Job Fails by the World’s Worst Employees

August 23, 2020

Racing Stripes

We have to assume that before a paint job like this commenced, some sort of sign was put up asking vehicles to clear the street before the painting takes place in the morning. However, although it is the car owner’s responsibility to move their car, this seems like a pretty harsh punishment.

Plus, it doesn’t even save the person painting any work, since they will have to come back anyway to finish the job. We suspect that the street painter decided to teach whoever left their car and wasted their time a lesson.

Basic Geometry

While food preferences differ from one place to another, due to local customs, climate and cultural background, there is nothing more American than a hamburger or hot dog on the grill. Every child knows that a hamburger is made of a circular meat patty, while hot dogs are longer and leaner.

Whoever made these packages seems to have missed their basic geometry classes and don’t know the difference between a circle and an oval. Or, more likely, they just weren’t paying attention and mixed up the labels. We hope their customers were paying more attention.

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