This Self-Making Duvet Needs To Get Out Of My Dreams And Onto My Bed

December 23, 2016


There’s no better way to end a long day than crawling into a perfectly-made bed, but who has time to actually make their bed as they frantically head off to work in the morning? Nobody. That’s why a self-making duvet might be the best thing you could ever throw on your bed.


So how does the Smartduvet work? Does it come with a live-in maid that secretly sneaks into your room every morning? Not exactly. The secret is actually an inflatable air bladder lattice that’s installed inside your doona cover, on top of your actual doona.

That air bladder remains deflated while you’re sleeping so it doesn’t feel like you’re sleeping underneath an air mattress. But once you’re out of bed, you can use the Smartduvet’s free accompanying app to activate its air pump (hidden away under the bed) which inflates the bladder, making the doona unfurl itself onto your mattress.

Referring to the Smartduvet as “self-making bedding” might be a little generous, though. When you think of a freshly-made bed you probably also think of sheets that are tightly tucked in, and freshly-fluffed pillows — and the Smartduvet does none of those things.

It might be more accurate to instead refer to the Smartduvet as “self-tidying bedding”, since all your duvet is really doing is going from being all crumpled up after a night of sleeping to neatly spread out when it automatically unfurls. But that’s about five seconds of effort we’re happy to avoid every morning.

Not surprisingly, the Smartduvet is starting life as a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign trying to raise $CA30,000 ($30,307) to help it become a real product. A working prototype exists right now, but you can pre-order the final version, which is expected to ship sometime in May of next year, with a $CA264 ($266) donation to its campaign.

The usual crowdfunding caveats apply here, but it’s not like the Smartduvet is reinventing the smartphone. It’s really nothing more than a cleverly-designed balloon for those of us who are just too lazy to ever make our beds.

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