TP-Link’s New Smart Plug Is Super Tiny and Works With Matter

January 18, 2023
TP-Link Tapo P125M

Smart plugs are some of the most basic smart home devices, turning anything with wired electrical power into a network-controlled device. TP-Link has introduced its first plug compatible with Matter, and even if you don’t care about Matter, it looks compelling.

The Tapo P125M falls under TP-Link’s “Tapo” line, which is newer and less popular than the company’s long-running “Kasa” product lineup. There’s no real reason why TP-Link has two different smart home ecosystems with two different apps, but that’s a problem the new Matter home standard is supposed to make less annoying, and this plug has the honor of being TP-Link’s first Matter-compatible product. You can set the device up normally with a phone over Bluetooth, or scan the Matter code on the side. TP-Link says it can then be controlled with the Tapo app “or any other Matter-certified app (already configured),” even if your home loses internet connection.

Besides Matter support, the Tapo P125M does all the usual smart plug stuff. You can connect a lamp, appliance, or anything else into the socket, which can then be controlled through apps or virtual assistants. It’s advertised as compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Samsung SmartThings. Presumably, it will also work through the IFTTT integration available with other Tapo products.

TP-Link Tapo Smart Plug

This compact smart plug supports Matter for easy setup and management, and it has most of the usual smart plug features, too.

You can set schedules for turning the plug on or off, use optional Auto-Off or Away modes, and use “higher-power appliances” like a kettle or coffee maker. However, it doesn’t seem to have any power monitoring features, like some other smart plugs — including TP-Link’s own Kasa KP115.

You can buy the TP-Link Tapo P125M now from Amazon for $19.99. That’s a bit more expensive than the aforementioned Kasa KP115, but it’s brand new, so that’s to be expected. There’s not even an image on the product page yet (as of when this article was published).

Source: TP-Link

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