Unlimited Verizon Data Is Now $30/Month, Through Visible

August 18, 2022
Phone with a Visible logo

Visible is a popular mobile network in the United States owned by Verizon (and using the company’s network), with cheaper unlimited phone plans and a focus on paying as a group. Now the carrier is switching up its plans.

Visible only had one mobile plan before now, which was priced at $40 per month and included unlimited talk and text, unlimited 4G/5G data on Verizon’s “5G Nationwide” network, calling to Mexico and Canada at no extra cost, and unlimited tethering data. There were a few small restrictions, like tether data speeds being limited to 5 Mbps, but it was one of the best deals in the US wireless industry. Visible also supported “party pay,” where you could connect multiple people on the same plan (like a family plan, but more independent) to drop the price to $25/month per line.

The new base Visible plan is $30/month, and appears to be identical to the previous plan, but now $10 cheaper. However, party pay is no longer available for new customers, so anyone switching to Visible won’t be able to drop the price to $25/mo like before by joining a party of other subscribers. Visible said in a support article, “our members loved the discounts, but not the hoops they had to jump through to get it. So, we made our new plans simpler and unlocked a flat-rate monthly cost for all plans from day one, with no additional action needed by members.”

Comparison between Visible and Visible+
Visible’s updated mobile plans

Visible is also adding a new Visible+ plan, priced at $45 per month with the ability to use Verizon’s Ultra Wideband network. Most notably, that includes Verizon’s new C-Band deployments, which has been a significant speed boost in some areas. Visible+ also adds roaming with data access in Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands, but data is reduced to 2G-like speeds after 0.5 GB each day.

Visible says existing customers will have to get a new SIM card to use the upgraded network capabilities on the Visible+ plan, and software updates are required for all phones using either of the two new plans.

Even though it’s not possible to drop the price of Visible plans to $25 anymore (at least for new customers), the base plan is still a good deal for $30 per month, if you don’t need the fastest speeds in the world.

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Via: 9to5Google

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