Verizon Buys Yahoo Business for $4.8 Billion

August 30, 2016


The former Internet leader Yahoo finally ended tortured search for a new buyer – it will be the leading mobile operator Verizon, who will pay the sum of $4.8 billion.

According to the Wall Street Journal, for that Verizon will acquire both basic internet business on Yahoo, and all physical assets of the company. Experts believe that it is difficult to determine whether this price is realistic because the value on Yahoo vary significantly over the years – for example, today it is $38 billion, which is twice more than when Marissa Mayer topped in 2012, but the company itself is in crisis.

On the other hand, in the strongest days of Mayer as CEO, Yahoo was worth about $49 billion, and briefly in 2000 when the company was on top of its popularity, the once giant was estimated at over $100 billion.

The real question is what actually plans to make Verizon with his new purchase as the most likely technology of Yahoo will be used in his own digital business operator.

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