Xbox Scorpio has an Obvious Power Advantage over PS4 Pro

September 29, 2016



  • Project Scorpio is Microsoft’s next iteration of the Xbox
  • The PS4 Pro sports 4.2 teraflops versus Scorpio’s six
  • It will most likely support Blu-ray discs at 4K unlike the PS4 Pro

With Sony finally revealing the PS4 Pro (previously known as PS4 Neo), Microsoft has pointed out Project Scorpio – the next iteration of the Xbox One, will have better performance.

“The performance delta will be obvious,” said Director of Product Management and Planning at Xbox Albert Penello in conversation with Polygon.

One thing we do know is that the PS4 Pro sports 4.2 teraflops of computing power versus the Scorpio’s six, making it 43 percent more powerful.

And while Sony has yet to confirm what else we can exactly expect in the PS4 Pro, information such as the system memory on Project Scorpio is also unknown. However with it due next year versus PS4 Pro out in a couple months, it gives Microsoft enough time to announce what we can expect when Scorpio hits. The reason for an early E3 2016 reveal was to give developers time to get to grips with the hardware.

“We announced this year to give developers more time to familiarise themselves with the hardware,” Penello said. On the topic of the PS4 Pro’s early launch being beneficial, he hoped so.


“It’s interesting that we’ve arrived in a similar place,” Penello said, referring to Microsoft and Sony. “The PlayStation 4 Pro gives developers a road map for 4K gaming.”

Scorpio is slated for a Holiday 2017 release. While the PS4 Pro will not support Blu-ray discs at 4K, Microsoft has confirmed the company’s “intention to deliver it” when it is available.

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