Ember, An Adjustable Heated Travel Mug That Keeps Beverages at the Perfect Temperature While on the Go

June 5, 2016


Ember is an adjustable heated mug for keeping beverages at the perfect temperature on the go. The mug can maintain a specific temperature for up to two hours, or longer with the use of the charging coaster.

The Ember can be preordered now through the company’s Indiegogo campaign.

Users can give their coffee mug a name (definitely in the first category) and they can set their preferred temperature and have the app notify them when their scalding hot drink has cooled enough to safely put their mouth to. The company says that Ember will actively bring the drink down to the set temperature, rather than waiting for it to cool naturally. It also allows preset temperatures for different drinks, so if you like your coffee at 136° F, but your tea at 142° F, these can be entered one time in the app to make switching between the two a little easier.





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